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    My Thoughts On Thornton, Marleau, and The Sharks Future (DR, Part Three) 

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    Here is the third and final part in the blog-series Diverging Realities. You can read Part One here, and Part Two here. Please enjoy part three!

    After the first two parts of Diverging Realities where I talked about the all the divides and contradictions among fans in terms of what other people believe, some of you reading may have had the thought, WELL WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN, EXACTLY! WHO ARE YOU! DO YOU EVEN BELIEVE IN ANYTHING AT ALL?

    So to answer that thought, well… Hi, I’m Shark Circle. And I believe in marmalade on a hot summer’s day.

    Oh, you meant when it comes to hockey? And in this case, analyzing the Sharks? How about, I believe in… noticing what happens in the moment, and then what that moment turns into the past, I believe in remembering what I noticed. Because, you see, memories in sports can be fickle. Especially complex sports like hockey. There are hundreds of “events” every game (thousands, really), so most people don’t remember the details of a playoff series that happened five years ago. It’s not like football where you can just point to a couple of plays that decided the Superbowl or a playoff game. But for all the “fancy” stats available today, I remember some “simple” stats, not to mention performances, from past playoff-years that have colored my opinions on Joe Thornton and Patrick Marlaeu as much as anything else. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING FULL POST!

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    Sizing Up The San Jose Sharks Potential Playoff Opponents: St Louis Blues 

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    With the Dallas Stars and Colorado Avalanche losing last night, the San Jose Sharks clinched a berth in the 2011-2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs. The only question that remains now us whether the Sharks will win their division and clinch home-ice advantage in the first round, and who they will play.

    There are four possibilities at this point: the Vancouver Canucks, St Louis Blues, Detroit Red Wings, and Chicago Blackhawks. Let’s take a look at what each of these match-ups could mean for the Sharks.


    If the Canucks are the most complete team in the Western Conference when at their best, then the Blues are a close-second, if not tied with Vancouver. CONTINUE READING FULL POST

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    What To Make Of These San Jose Sharks? 

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    In recent years, the San Jose Sharks have been one of the hardest teams in hockey to figure out and pin down. At times when you watch them play, they somehow appear to be both underachieving and overachieving at the same time. Many fans and hockey pundits alike are still trying to figure out which it is. Truth be told, it’s probably both. That doesn’t make sense, you say? Welcome to Sharks hockey. It’s just hard to know what to make of the Sharks, which leads to the same questions every year. How good are these Sharks, really? How should we feel about them? CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING FULL POST

    • Inverse fandom 5:43 pm on March 31, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      I like your liberal use of paragraphs, LOL. Seriously you have a great blog with stacks of facts, figures and figurin. Yes Captain Crosscheck here, and I would like to continue the discourse we began a few weeks ago. You obviously watch a ton of hockey, are knowledgeable and prolific. As a fan since the beginning I feel I’m qualified to say that they don’t have what it takes to win this year. I am NOT a basher, just pragmatic. I write what I see and with the parity in our division we don’t have the extra oomph to win the division or if we get in as a seven or eight we go nowhere. Blind loyalty is nice but doesn’t work for me. After watching the NO POINT roadtrip I can see the flaws even better. We got outworked against Phoenix after the first and seemed to give up and pout for the rest of the game. Against the Ducks, Hiller was in our heads circa 2009. How do we fix this talented but flawed team? I await your learned response…


      • SharkCircle 4:16 am on April 7, 2012 Permalink | Reply

        Hey, sorry it took awhile to respond to your comment. Captain Crosscheck? Have you commented here before or are you from twitter? I’ve been tweeting with a lot of people and I don’t always look at the name, I just hit reply, so that’s probably just why I’m blanking on it.

        Haha yeah, I know the blogs go long sometimes. It’s just my style of, not necessarily writing, but when it comes to hockey, I just think about it in a way where every idea I’m talking about usually has “sub-ideas” attached to it, and I’m talking about a lot of related ideas all at once. So it’s difficult to write about ideas like that in clean, simple paragraphs when the ideas aren’t simple. I’m trying to look at things from all angles and give readers a full-pictured analysis, and sometimes that means long blogs. I believe the people reading my site are more hardcore hockey fans who want that type of thing than casual fans, although I welcome everybody and try to explain things for everyone.

        As for your opinion, I agree to the extent that the Sharks are not the best team in the NHL, or their conference, or really even second best. I think if they play fair games against some of these teams, they will lose. But if it’s like the Detroit series two years ago, where the Sharks got like fifty powerplays per game, they have a good enough powerplay that if the referees decide to win the game for them, it will work more often than not.

        I just never count out the Sharks anymore because they’re such a weird team. Clearly they’re not the best team at this whole “playing hockey” thing, but there are these games where they are winning every single faceoff, getting every single powerplay, and just sort of manipulating the game, if you know what I mean, to tilt the outcome in their favor. And if I were a Canucks fan or Blues fan or Blackhawks fan or Red Wings fan, whoever the Sharks are about to play here, that’s what would worry me the most about this team. What if they dive a lot, and the referees allow them and reward them? What if they draw all the powerplays? What if they win 65% of the faceoffs for the series? These are huge advantages that can allow even an inferior team to win the series.


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    What’s Up With Michal Handzus? 

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    When the San Jose Sharks signed Michal Handzus last offseason, I gave it my stamp of approval, including it on my list of the offseason’s 20 best signings (in part because I wanted to have a Sharks’ signing on the list if possible, but I did genuinely like the signing as well). Of the few prototypical third-line centers who were available as unrestricted free agents, I viewed Michal Handzus and Eric Belanger as the two best based on their level of play last season, so I was pleased Sharks’ GM Doug Wilson was able to procure one. I would have preferred Jason Arnott, also UFA, given the similar cap-hit to Handzus (and not insignificantly, the one-year term versus two), but Arnott had mostly been a top-six forward throughout his career, so maybe Doug Wilson did not trust his defensive abilities enough to sign him as pivot of the Sharks’ checking (third) line. I cannot read Doug Wilson’s mind, although Sharks fans have to be wishing he could read mine (about Arnott), considering how the Handzus signing is working out, where Arnott is thriving in St. Louis. CONTINUE READING FULL POST

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    Will Antero Niittymaki Be Traded By The San Jose Sharks? 

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    As reported by David Pollak of Working The Corners, Antero Niittymaki finished his post-injury conditioning stint in Worchester this week and was called up to the San Jose Sharks today. The Sharks now have three NHL goaltenders on the big club, where most clubs only carry two.

    Do they continue to carry three all season, which would cost them a roster spot and precious cap room, or do they find an alternative solution? And if it’s the latter, what would that alternative solution be?

    Antti Niemi is obviously going nowhere as the Sharks undisputed starting netminder, which brings us to the backups, Antero Niittymaki just off injured reserve, and Thomas Greiss. Where Greiss has excelled this season in Niittymaki’s place, posting a .918% SV% and 2.37 GAA, Niittymaki has struggled since signing with San Jose, both in terms of performance, with a .896 sv% and 2.72 GAA, and health. CONTINUE READING FULL POST

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    What They Really Meant, 24/7 Edition: New York Rangers 

    Introducing a new segment that will run throughout the season, “What They Really Meant.” NHL players and coaches often talk in code; this segment will try to decipher what they really mean, either for humorous purposes (such as today’s post), or realistic analysis.

    Today’s entry will focus on quotes from Episode 1 of HBO’s 24/7 Flyers/Rangers series that leads up to the Winter Classic, starting with the New York Rangers today. Philadelphia Flyers’ quotes will be published tomorrow.

    Today’s blog is for humorous and entertainment purposes only. All quotes are taken from 24/7, but the subsequent “analysis” is my creation only, and not intended to accurately reflect the mindset of any person quoted herein.

    Without further delay, I give you What They Really Meant, 24/7 Edition: New York Rangers.

    Episode 1 of the 24/7 Rangers/Flyers series opens with footage of the players, backed by a chilling John Murphy score. As the narrator starts to talk, I almost expect the words “the Icarus 2 is nearing the surface of the sun” to come out. But they do not. Instead, the narrator eventually stops talking, and the players start. Here are some assorted quotes from throughout the episode.


    New York Rangers left-wing Sean Avery has just finished with some emotional poses during his modeling shoot, and is now being interviewed. CONTINUE READING FULL POST

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    Trade Analysis: Phoenix Coyotes Trade Kyle Turris to Ottawa Senators for David Rundblad and 2012 2nd Round Pick 

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    As per Bob Mckenzie of TSN, the Phoenix Coyotes have dealt former 3rd overall pick Kyle Turris to the Ottawa Senators for highly touted Swedish defensive prospect David Rundblad and a 2nd round draft pick in 2012.

    The deal comes months after Kyle Turris requested a trade out of Phoenix during the offseason. As a restricted free agent, Turris had originally refused to sign a contract with the Coyotes, demanding he be dealt elsewhere. However, Coyotes’ GM Don Maloney was adamant that Turris would not be traded unless he received a trade offer that blew him out of the water, and he remained true to his word. Turris was eventually forced to sign or risk not being allowed to play in the NHL all season. However, there were rumors that a back-room agreement was made that if Turris signed, Maloney would continue looking to trade him. It appears those rumors were correct, as today Maloney dealt Turris to the Ottawa Senators.



    In center Kyle Turris, the Ottawa Senators get a former 3rd overall pick from the 2007 NHL Entry Draft who, despite disappointing thus far in his short NHL career, does have potential. CONTINUE READING FULL POST

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    30 Teams, 30,000 Thoughts: Anaheim Ducks 

    Here are my extremely detailed thoughts on the Anaheim Ducks. Those who make it through this should have absolutely no doubts as to why the Ducks are struggling, and what needs to happen from a management level if that is ever going to change. To get notified when new blogs on the NHL are posted, enter your email address and click the subscribe button in the top right corner and follow Shark Circle on twitter.

    • Even with the slight decline of Ryan Getzlaf, the top line is still great. Bobby Ryan, Ryan Getzlaf, and Corey Perry may not be producing at their usual clip, but I believe it’s mostly an outlier. All three are still elite players. even if Ryan Getzlaf is not quite as elite as he used to be, and Bobby Ryan and Corey Perry look great, especially Perry. His Rocket Richard trophy last year was no fluke, he is an amazing player who can do everything. Their top line, overall, is still the most talented top line in the NHL save for the Sedin line.

    Yet, despite their top-end talent, the Ducks still continue to struggle on both offense and defense. Why? CONTINUE READING FULL POST

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    Dudes on Hockey Critiques The Blog, Shark Circle Responds 

    If you don’t know, Dudes on Hockey is a blog where its two editors, Mike and Doug, record podcasts about the San Jose Sharks. I am actually familiar with their podcasts, and, in general, they do a great job. In their latest podcast, they discussed Part 1 of our series on The Best Signings of the Offseason, and they offered up nothing but criticism, even though it does not appear they even read the blog.

    Under normal circumstances, I welcome feedback. I would never hold it against someone if they read an article we published, understood its ideas, and simply disagreed. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. The problem with Mike and Doug’s criticisms is that you cannot start to form a legitimate opinion one way or another if your facts are faulty and you do not understand the subject you’re voicing opinions about. For instance, Mike and Doug disagree that Anthony Stewart would have made a good addition. No problem there, right? They have their opinion, they are entitled to it, no? Except one of the first things they said on the subject of Anthony Stewart was, “I couldn’t tell you much about Anthony Stewart.” That was right before the two of them went on to talk for minutes about why he was not a good signing.

    If you don’t know much about Stewart, how can you know he’s not a good player? You can’t, and that’s the lesson. You can’t have a legitimate opinion on a subject if you don’t first understand the subject. If a geologist came to me stating one type of rock-hammer was better than another, well, we may all be entitled to our opinions, but in that case I would not be entitled to disagree with his, simply because I know nothing about rock-hammers, where he does. By the same token, if you admit to knowing nothing about Anthony Stewart, then you should not be questioning the opinion of someone who does. Continue Reading Full Post

    • Tom 4:11 am on September 8, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Wow. Your frickin nuts.

      If you write an opinion publicly – anyone has The right to disagree or criticize it.


      • SharkCircle 5:10 pm on September 8, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Tom, welcome Shark Circle.

        I assume you’re coming here from the dudes on hockey blog. You should know we have no problem with them. We just wanted to defend our blog after they trashed it with bad information. We corrected their bad information, and now its over. You are as much welcome here as you are there. We hope you enjoy the blog in the future.

        About your comment, you are right. Anyone has the right to agree or disagree with a blog. But you can’t do either if you haven’t first read the blog, and if you have your facts wrong. They had Matt D’Agostini’s contract numbers wrong. That right there, using incorrect facts, leaves them no leg to stand on. You cannot disagree with the quality of a given contract if you don’t first know the correct terms of that contract, and they did not. That’s all there is to it. That is the difference between disagreeing and just being wrong. If you want the correct information read our response. You seem to be doing the same thing as they did, which is commenting on something without reading it. Read our response and see if you still feel the same way.

        Dudes on hockey is a blog I expect many sharks fans visit, and they voiced bad information about our blog. We felt it was important to give people the real facts. Chris Higgins was not available and Shark Circle was wrong to suggest him as a good signing? No, he was available, and we made no guarantee he would come to SJ. Matt D’Agostini is not a good signing at 4.6M over two years, and Shark Circle was stupid to suggest him? No, because Matt D’Agostini is not making 4.6M, or even close. That’s bad information. That was our problem. You can put the blame on us if you want, but dudes on hockey are who used bad information to make someone else’s blog sound incompetent, not us. I think you would see that if you hadn’t already decided to side with them.

        About the other thing you sent to us, that’s not true. If you are trying to hurt Shark Circle’s reputation because you are dudes on hockey’s friend so to speak, it’s not right. We have no problem with dudes on hockey, and please consider that we work hard here on this blog. Please think about that next time before deciding what to write. Thank you, and welcome!


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