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    You May Have Suspected This For Awhile. It’s Finally Time For Me To Say It. I Am 100% Against Equality (For The NHL Draft Lottery) 

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    Real title: Why The New NHL Draft Lottery Rules Are A Bad Idea

    Look, tanking sucks. I get it. I feel it. That’s right, I can still feel empathy. The SSRIs don’t start working for a another few days. But I’m right there with you. I’m not even right there with you, like you led and I came along for the ride. No, it’s more like we’re right there together, arriving at speeds totally identical to each other’s, starting from a totesly identical distance, absolute in our parallelism of distaste for tanking, commensurate, equal–if, of course, I didn’t hate equality.

    For the 2015 NHL Draft Lottery. Click Here To Continue Reading Full Post

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    Shark Circle’s Freshman Fifty: Centers 6 – 10 

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    For those that missed part one of this series, the title is just a dumb joke I couldn’t resist making. If you want to know more, which you don’t, I explained in part one. But all this really is is my list of the top 50 centers in the NHL at the end of last season. You can read who I ranked in the top five by clicking here. Now onto center number six.

    6. Jamie Benn. Is he the most underrated player on this list? Probably not, but he is certainly the most underrated player near the top. I feel like the last two seasons, Jamie Benn has emerged as the next “Claude Giroux” just in the sense that Giroux really emerged in the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 seasons just as Benn has the last two seasons, except because Benn doesn’t play in Philadelphia, and because he didn’t make the playoffs or get to face off against Sidney Crosby in a seven-game series like Giroux did, he hasn’t gotten the same level recognition for his breakout seasons as Giroux has. But there were nights last season where I thought Benn might be the best center in the NHL after Crosby and Malkin. CLICK RIGHT HERE WHERE IT SAYS TO CLICK TO CONTINUE READING THE FULL POST BECAUSE IF YOU WANT TO READ THE FULL POST YOU HAVE TO CLICK WHERE IT SAYS TO CLICK, WHICH IS HERE

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    The Truth About Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, and the Chicago Blackhawks roster-makeup 

    Over the course of this season, whenever the Chicago Blackhawks have stumbled, I have seen many Blackhawks fans blame Patrick Kane, some even floating the idea that maybe the team needs to move on without him in the future. Never was this sentiment more evident among Blackhawks fans than when their team fell behind three games to one against the Detroit Red Wings in the Western Conference Semi-finals. Blame turned to adulation, however, when the Blackhawks came back to beat the Red Wings in seven games, and then took out the Los Angeles Kings in five in the Conference Fninals on the back of Kane’s overtime-winning hat trick goal in the final game.

    But now that the Blackhawks have fallen behind to the Boston Bruins after three games of the Stanley Cup Final, criticism is once again being aimed at Patrick Kane, and this time Jonathan “one-goal-in-twenty-games” Toews is drawing a fair share of the fans’ ire too. So this is a long comment I started writing to one of the Chicago Blackhawks bloggers who has been echoing these same sentiments of many Blackhawks fans, but instead I’ve decided to post it here on Shark Circle.

    Here’s my opinion on the play of Kane of Toews and the criticism being aimed at them. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING FULL POST

    • Cpk 9:00 am on July 8, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Wow this was a terrible piece! What a fucking moron writer


    • Paul 6:27 am on May 21, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      CPK is the “fucking moron”. This is a solid piece of writing that has provided some food for thought. I’m reading it about two years too late, but most of it is still relevant to me. I’m a Hawks’ fan, btw. This year’s Bruins are the even more talented Ducks. The Western Conference Finals are tied 1-1 as I write this. The teams are evenly matched, but the thinness on defense for the Hawks, primarily due to the injury to Roszival and the foolish decision to not keep Leddy, probably gives the Ducks a slight edge. The will to win and the Hawks’ experience counterbalances that making this series a hard one to call, therefore I will remain mum. I could do the typical thing and make a prediction based on what I WANT to happen, but that would be little more than wishful thinking.


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    My Most Wanted NHL Playoff Series: Western Conference 

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    With the NHL playoffs approaching, I thought it would be fun to go over which playoff series I would most like to see. Well, not fun, but, you know, something to pass the time and keep me from crying any more about what happened to Tiger Woods.

    Two whole… points? Are you serious, Masters? (That’s what you call it, points, right?) How is he supposed to win his… next… Masters when you take away two points? He totally didn’t deserve that. He shot it from farther, not closer. If anything he deserves extra points for that!

    Anyway, here are my most anticipated playoff series, first for the Western Conference.

    1. Los Angeles Kings vs Chicago Blackhawks CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING FULL POST

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    Why Are The Anaheim Ducks and Chicago Blackhawks So Much Better This Season? 

    When I watch the Chicago Blachhawks play this season, I see a much improved team as compared to last year, and in many areas of the game. And when I watch the Anaheim Ducks, I see the same thing. There’s just so much more speed on the ice than before, so much more depth, and a lot more beef on the blue-line (even if I haven’t been impressed with Bryan Allen).

    However, while no one seems at all perplexed at how the Blackhawks have been able to improve so much despite no significant offseason additions–their biggest name signing was Sheldon Brookbank, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people question the Ducks’ improvement, saying things like, “The Ducks are the exact same team this year. How are they winning so many more games? They should be just as bad!”

    Maybe it’s just because the Blackhawks are much more in the national spotlight, so casual onlookers have had a greater opportunity to see what’s changed in the Blackhawks’ team than they’ve had with the Ducks’ (who play many of their games at 10:00PM Eastern Time), but I’m surprised I haven’t heard that same question posed more about the Blackhawks, too, since the reasons for both teams’ ascensions this season are so similar. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING FULL POST

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    Examining The Chicago Blackhawks’ Predicament As The Trade Deadline Approaches 

    As much as any other team in the NHL, the Chicago Blackhawks have all the qualities of the high-end cameras used to photograph their games: flash (this is a very high-end model we’re talking about here), wow factor, and most of all, contrast. Contrast between a dominant performance one night and an awful one the next; contrast between their great players and poor ones all playing together on the same lines. Contrast between their scoring prowess and defensive deficiencies, headlined by porous goaltending. Yes, the Blackhawks are a unique team. They may be the NHL’s closest team to being a dynasty out of the teams who need to add the most to get there… or something. (Yes, that is intentionally paradoxical).

    The Blackhawks are so talented in some ways, but they still struggle so much in others. The speed, skating, agility, puck-handling, and passing of their core players is as good as any team, probably better. But the Blackhawks’ size, strength, work ethic, battle level, shot blocking, special teams, depth, and goaltending are all among the worst in the entire NHL, with the team-finishing ability, structure, and systems-play (which falls on the coaches) also lacking. CONTINUE READING FULL POST

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    Vancouver Canucks Would Be Foolish To Trade Mason Raymond 

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    If you frequent the popular hockey websites and forums as much as I do, you have probably noticed a curious trend emerging. It is difficult to go even half an hour on a hockey site these days without stumbling on a new “trade proposal” involving Mason Raymond in exchange for some player with about one-tenth his talent (but a bit more grit!).

    Then again, you might be thinking, what’s so strange about that? Over-zealous fans of all teams have bounced around unrealistic trade proposals heavily weighted in their teams’ favor ever since the internet was first invented. How is this any different? Well, what is so curious about these unbalanced Mason Raymond proposals is that they are all being proposed by fans of his own team, the Canucks. Why, you ask? CONTINUE READING FULL POST

    • Julia 2:42 am on January 25, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      This was a fantastic read! I completely agree with you about Raymond, his underlying stats are pretty impressive, but as a Canuck fan, sometimes it can get frustrating to see his terrific speed and puck possession result in nothing, not even a scoring chance. I was going to say that this is an extremely well-reasoned piece, especially since it’s written by someone who isn’t a Canucks fan, but then again, those who do follow the team religiously can tend to get a little myopic. And it’s nice to read a blog post from another fan base who can honestly evaluate the Canucks team without snarky comments about them being divers and whiners ( though they have players who do dive and whine, but so do 29 other teams).

      I wonder if Setoguchi is the Sharks version of Raymond. Ever since he got traded, I feel as though the Sharks pose less of an offensive threat. Don’t get me wrong, they still have a potent offense, just a little less so with the loss of Setoguchi’s speed. I wonder if the same scenario would play out in Vancouver if Raymond left? Though the Sharks are more defensively sound this year with the addition of Burns.


    • JC 1:14 am on February 11, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Great article! I admit I’m biased because I’ve been a fan of Raymond’s speed and talent from the start, and it has been tough watching him struggle through his injury, and now this scoring dry spell. It’s really nice to see some positive things being said about him by an objective party, so I can reassure myself that my support of him is not completely unfounded.


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    San Jose Sharks Trimester Report Card: GOALTENDERS 

    Antti Niemi with the San Jose Sharks in 2011

    ANTTI NIEMI (20 GP, 11 W, 6 L, OTL 2, .920% SV%, 2.30 GAA) has had an up-and-down first 25 games, but his body of work overall has been quite good, as indicated by his .920 SV% and 2.34 GAA. More than anything, Niemi’s strength is in filling up the net and making the first save, as he also specialized in playing for the Chicago Blackhawks in 2009-2010. The Sharks defensemen are fairly good at clearing out the crease and keeping opposing forwards away from rebounds, so usually the first save is the only one Niemi has to make.

    Niemi plays out of his mind at times, and looks average at others, but it’s very rare he look poor for any extended stretch of time. A huge strength of his is how rarely he lets in soft goals. The Sharks have been the beneficiaries of many soft goals by opposing goaltenders this season, so they must know first hand the impact they have. Soft goals are killers, like giving the opposing team a free win many nights. They’re right up there with shorthanded goals. I bet if you charted the stats (and there was a way to do so objectively), in games where only one goaltender lets in a soft goal, probably 80% of the time that team loses. CONTINUE READING FULL POST

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    Nov. 23, 2011 Game Preview: Chicago Blackhawks vs. San Jose Sharks Presents Classic Speed vs. Size Clash 

    Tonight at 4:00 PM Pacific Time, the Chicago Blackhawks face off against the San Jose Sharks at the Shark Tank in one of the most anticipated match-ups of the season. The 2010 Chicago Blackhawks super-team swept the Sharks in the 2010 Western Conference Finals, but salary cap constrictions forced their GM Stan Bowman to sell off much of their depth and versatility. Since then the team has not been the same, struggling to even make the Playoffs last season. The Sharks, for their part, contributed to those struggles, regaining the upper hand in the head-to-head match-up by winning three of the four games.

    However, the Blackhawks are still possibly the team with the most pure finesse skill in the NHL, and two of those San Jose victories came against Marty Turco, who was among the NHL’s worst goaltenders last season. His performances night in and night out were some of the worst to be seen at the NHL level in years. Turco was clearly past his prime, letting in easy goals left and right and undermining the effort of his teammates in front of him. His save percentage for the season of under .900% and a GAA of 3.02 reflected just this. Marty Turco has had a great career, but he was not as his best last season, which resulted in easy wins for the Sharks when they faced him. CONTINUE READING FULL POST

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      Fantastic blog! Do you have any recommendations for aspiring writers? I’m planning to start my own site soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I’m completely confused .. Any recommendations? Thank you!


      • SharkCircle 4:51 am on December 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks! No I dont have any recommendations, sorry. Im just using wordpress so Im not experienced with hosting my own website. You could try looking online or asking in the forums.


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    Tags: 2005 NHL Entry Draft, Benoit Pouliot, , , Chicago Blackhawks, , Jody Shelley, Marc Staal, , , , Steve Montador, , Top 10 offseason signings, Top 20 offseason signings   

    The Best 20 Free Agent Signings of the Offseason, And Why the Sharks Should Have Signed Them, Part 7 

    In this series of articles, we will take an in-depth look at the 20 best value UFA signings of the offseason from both a neutral and Sharks perspective, in no particular order. There is no guarantee these players would’ve come to the Sharks, but we find it interesting to analyze signings through a Sharks lens. Enjoy!

    If you missed the first six parts when they were posted, you can check them out here. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.

    Today’s post will focus on underrated players. Stay tuned next week for our look at the Shark who made this list, as well as thoughts on the Young Stars Tournament.

    Age. 24. Height. 6’3″. Weight. 199 lbs. Shoots. Left.
    Contract. 1 year, 1.1M.
    2010-2011 Stats. 79GP, 13G, 30PTS, +2 plus/minus, 87PIM.

    Benoit Pouliot is a left-wing who signed with the Boston Bruins this summer. He is a smooth skater with good agility and edge-control, and he is good at keeping the puck on a string. At 6’3″, 199 lbs, his frame is superior to most finesse forwards, and his fairly long skating stride is one benefit of this, along with greater reach. Overall, he is a slick forward who excels at the finesse aspects of the game. He has the skill of a top-six forward, and the Bruins nabbed him for Jody Shelley money. That’s value. Continue Reading Full Post

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