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    A Handsgate Exclusive, Part I: Collusion, Nostalgia, And Canadian Ro-Sham-Bo 

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    A Handsgate Exclusive is my next blog-series which will tell an entirely fictitious story loosely inspired by the buttocks-grabbing controversy, AKA “Handsgate.” It will be released in three parts. Here is part I.

    DISCLAIMER: All the events and dialogue portrayed come from my own lively imagination and are not real. The police officers in this story are not real-life police officers. I made up their names, personalities, and dialogue. The entire story is a fictional joke. It is not meant to represent actual events, or the actual dialogue or beliefs of any real people. It is using one funny thing that allegedly happened in the hockey world and then making an entirely fictitious story out of it with fake dialogue. With that in mind, the spelling is intentional as well. I don’t know any NHL players and so have no way of representing their personalities or beliefs accurately. It’s all fiction. It’s all a joke. Yeah yeah, jokes have to be funny. At the least, it’s all fiction. Want to make that clear. Good.

    With the rumors that Claud Gireaux was arrested recently for allegedly grabbing the buttocks of a male police officer, many out there in the hockey community (and maybe some other communities) have wondered what exactly happened.

    Luckily, I have sources on the inside in, well, wherever this supposedly happened, Philadelphia probably, and I’ve heard a detailed account of the fateful events that took place that day, revealed here in a behind the scenes Shark Circle exclusive. Click Here To Continue Reading Full Post!

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    2013 NHL Trade Deadline Winners: #8 Anaheim Ducks, #7 San Jose Sharks 

    I forgot the Anaheim Ducks and a few other teams when I wrote out all my “trade deadline winners” at once yesterday, so I don’t have my typical overly long explanation about why I consider them winners. But the short answer is because they acquired Matthew Lombardi, who I was a fan of a few seasons ago when he was basically the Phoenix Coyotes’ top center, for Brandon McMillan. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING FULL POST

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      It is worth noting, however, when it comes to the Hannan trade, that if he can’t perform as well as Jason Demers or Justin Braun or whoever he might replace, but Todd Mclellan keeps playing him despite his play, that the trade could end up hurting the Sharks overall. But I’m judging the trade not based on the unknowns of how the coach will use him, but based on the fact that they got Hannan for just a 7th round pick in a market that paid two 2nd rounders for Murray, which I think is good value.


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    Why Are The Anaheim Ducks and Chicago Blackhawks So Much Better This Season? 

    When I watch the Chicago Blachhawks play this season, I see a much improved team as compared to last year, and in many areas of the game. And when I watch the Anaheim Ducks, I see the same thing. There’s just so much more speed on the ice than before, so much more depth, and a lot more beef on the blue-line (even if I haven’t been impressed with Bryan Allen).

    However, while no one seems at all perplexed at how the Blackhawks have been able to improve so much despite no significant offseason additions–their biggest name signing was Sheldon Brookbank, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people question the Ducks’ improvement, saying things like, “The Ducks are the exact same team this year. How are they winning so many more games? They should be just as bad!”

    Maybe it’s just because the Blackhawks are much more in the national spotlight, so casual onlookers have had a greater opportunity to see what’s changed in the Blackhawks’ team than they’ve had with the Ducks’ (who play many of their games at 10:00PM Eastern Time), but I’m surprised I haven’t heard that same question posed more about the Blackhawks, too, since the reasons for both teams’ ascensions this season are so similar. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING FULL POST

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    What To Make Of These San Jose Sharks? 

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    In recent years, the San Jose Sharks have been one of the hardest teams in hockey to figure out and pin down. At times when you watch them play, they somehow appear to be both underachieving and overachieving at the same time. Many fans and hockey pundits alike are still trying to figure out which it is. Truth be told, it’s probably both. That doesn’t make sense, you say? Welcome to Sharks hockey. It’s just hard to know what to make of the Sharks, which leads to the same questions every year. How good are these Sharks, really? How should we feel about them? CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING FULL POST

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      I like your liberal use of paragraphs, LOL. Seriously you have a great blog with stacks of facts, figures and figurin. Yes Captain Crosscheck here, and I would like to continue the discourse we began a few weeks ago. You obviously watch a ton of hockey, are knowledgeable and prolific. As a fan since the beginning I feel I’m qualified to say that they don’t have what it takes to win this year. I am NOT a basher, just pragmatic. I write what I see and with the parity in our division we don’t have the extra oomph to win the division or if we get in as a seven or eight we go nowhere. Blind loyalty is nice but doesn’t work for me. After watching the NO POINT roadtrip I can see the flaws even better. We got outworked against Phoenix after the first and seemed to give up and pout for the rest of the game. Against the Ducks, Hiller was in our heads circa 2009. How do we fix this talented but flawed team? I await your learned response…


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        Hey, sorry it took awhile to respond to your comment. Captain Crosscheck? Have you commented here before or are you from twitter? I’ve been tweeting with a lot of people and I don’t always look at the name, I just hit reply, so that’s probably just why I’m blanking on it.

        Haha yeah, I know the blogs go long sometimes. It’s just my style of, not necessarily writing, but when it comes to hockey, I just think about it in a way where every idea I’m talking about usually has “sub-ideas” attached to it, and I’m talking about a lot of related ideas all at once. So it’s difficult to write about ideas like that in clean, simple paragraphs when the ideas aren’t simple. I’m trying to look at things from all angles and give readers a full-pictured analysis, and sometimes that means long blogs. I believe the people reading my site are more hardcore hockey fans who want that type of thing than casual fans, although I welcome everybody and try to explain things for everyone.

        As for your opinion, I agree to the extent that the Sharks are not the best team in the NHL, or their conference, or really even second best. I think if they play fair games against some of these teams, they will lose. But if it’s like the Detroit series two years ago, where the Sharks got like fifty powerplays per game, they have a good enough powerplay that if the referees decide to win the game for them, it will work more often than not.

        I just never count out the Sharks anymore because they’re such a weird team. Clearly they’re not the best team at this whole “playing hockey” thing, but there are these games where they are winning every single faceoff, getting every single powerplay, and just sort of manipulating the game, if you know what I mean, to tilt the outcome in their favor. And if I were a Canucks fan or Blues fan or Blackhawks fan or Red Wings fan, whoever the Sharks are about to play here, that’s what would worry me the most about this team. What if they dive a lot, and the referees allow them and reward them? What if they draw all the powerplays? What if they win 65% of the faceoffs for the series? These are huge advantages that can allow even an inferior team to win the series.


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    Analyzing The Corey Perry To Vancouver Canucks Trade Rumor 

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    * * * * * * * * *

    A recent rumor supposedly started by former-NHLer Patrice Brisebois on a Canadian French-language sports talk show called “Le Match” has the Anaheim Ducks trading Corey Perry (and possibly backup goaltender Dan Ellis) to the Vancouver Canucks for some variation of a package including Mason Raymond, Cory Schneider, and Keith Ballard. A great recap of how the rumor started and evolved can be read here.

    What do I think of this trade rumor? While deals of this magnitude are always innately improbable no matter the players involved, I also believe this rumor would not be as unrealistic under the right circumstances as many believe. CONTINUE READING FULL POST

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    How To Lose In Victory And Fail At Failing: Why The Anaheim Ducks Win Streak Could Prove More Costly Than Any Loss 

    In professional sports, all that matters is winning, but in the case of the Anaheim Ducks, winning is the last thing they should be doing right now. Coming into this season, Ducks’ fans were optimistic coming off a fourth place regular season finish in the Western Conference, but optimism quickly turned to pessimism as the Ducks once again proved that hockey is not basketball, and four great players cannot win all by themselves in a 20-player sport. Of course I’m exaggerating, as the Ducks do have more than four quality players, but the point is the same: whatever the number, it’s not nearly enough. If General Manager Bob Murray was foolish enough to doubt that fact after the Ducks first-round playoff exit to an impotent and banged-up Nashville Predators squad last year, I would hope the Ducks’ performance this season has removed any and all doubt that the team’s depth is among the league’s worst. CONTINUE READING FULL POST

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    World Junior Hockey Championships Analysis: TEAM CANADA 

    The annual IIHF World Junior’s wrapped up just over a week ago in Calgary, Alberta, with Team Sweden claiming their first under-21 gold medal in 31 years with a thrilling 1-0 overtime victory over Team Russia. I watched as much of the tournament as I could, even some of the blowouts, so that I could scout as many players as possible.

    Unfortunately, the tournament was too short to familiarize myself with most of the players, but a select few did catch my eye. Here are my 2012 WJC impressions, starting with Team Canada today. CONTINUE READING FULL POST

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    30 Teams, 30,000 Thoughts: Anaheim Ducks 

    Here are my extremely detailed thoughts on the Anaheim Ducks. Those who make it through this should have absolutely no doubts as to why the Ducks are struggling, and what needs to happen from a management level if that is ever going to change. To get notified when new blogs on the NHL are posted, enter your email address and click the subscribe button in the top right corner and follow Shark Circle on twitter.

    • Even with the slight decline of Ryan Getzlaf, the top line is still great. Bobby Ryan, Ryan Getzlaf, and Corey Perry may not be producing at their usual clip, but I believe it’s mostly an outlier. All three are still elite players. even if Ryan Getzlaf is not quite as elite as he used to be, and Bobby Ryan and Corey Perry look great, especially Perry. His Rocket Richard trophy last year was no fluke, he is an amazing player who can do everything. Their top line, overall, is still the most talented top line in the NHL save for the Sedin line.

    Yet, despite their top-end talent, the Ducks still continue to struggle on both offense and defense. Why? CONTINUE READING FULL POST

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    NHL Thoughts: Ryan Getzlaf's Work Ethic 

    The full 30 Teams, 30,000 Thoughts: Anaheim Ducks blog is coming soon, but here is one of those thoughts that was just too long not to be its own article.

    It seems certain Ducks are not working hard enough off the ice. Unfortunately, we outside of NHL organizations do not have access to fitness reports, or even the slightest information that might give us some insight into a given player’s work ethic, or any means of proving our suspicions about a player’s fitness habits. If we’re extremely lucky, we might just get a murmur from the media about how someone’s fitness is struggling, but that’s all. Unless, of course, you’re Dustin Penner, then everyone is allowed to talk about you.

    Otherwise, we have to rely on our eyes, and it is not always easy to tell whose body is in great shape and whose isn’t when all those pads and a jersey are in the way. CONTINUE READING FULL POST

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    30 Teams, 30,000 Thoughts: Los Angeles Kings 

    • The Kings have no offensive identity. I read an interesting quote from LA Kings GM Dean Lombardi in which he said his team is still looking for its identity offensively. It’s ironic he’s the one to mention that, seeing as a big reason it’s missing is because he traded it all away in the offseason! (Or let it leave through free agency).

    Allow me to explain. Last season, the L.A. Kings were very good at dumping the puck in on offense and cycling the puck behind the opposition’s net. Their offense still struggled overall because it was practically the only way they knew how the generate offense, but at least they had an identity. And the reason they cycled so well is because, last season, they had the players to do it, lots of big bodies who were great at protecting the puck along the boards and keeping puck possession. Anze Kopitar, Ryan Smyth, Dustin Penner, Wayne Simmonds, Michal Handzus, Alexei Ponikarovsk (in a 4th line role), these were six of their best at it. But notice four of those six names are gone. Handzus has been replaced by Mike Richards, a player half his size, and Smyth by Gagne, a similar scenario. Simmonds and Ponikarovsky haven’t been replaced at all.

    The Kings identity on offense is gone because players like Ryan Smythe and Michal Handzus were the Kings identity. It doesn’t mean they were their best players or most skilled, but they were perfectly molded for Terry Murray’s system–they allowed it to function. And whatever their shortcomings as individual players, together mixed in with the other forwards they became more than the sum of their parts. Continue Reading Full Post

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