My Olympic Rosters: Team Canada Forward Line 1

Watching some of the projections by people in the know, like Darren Dreger and Bob Mckenzie, of what the Olympic rosters will look like, I have been absolutely stunned. For instance, apparently James Neal isn’t even being considered for the Team Canada, and Marc-Edouard Vlasic is actually on the team, ahead of Dan Boyle (and like twenty other better defenseman).

I thought the idea of Vlasic playing for Canada at the Olympics was just your typical Drew Remenda homer-fantasy. On drugs. But according to the likes of Darren Dreger, it’s reality. So I’ve decided to draw up my own roster of what an actual sane person’s Olympic rosters should look like, starting with Canada.

Keep in mind that the Olympics is being played on the bigger, (better) international ice surface, which will give speed and skill more of an advantage compared to the NHL ice surface, which creates an artificial advantage for large players. I’m also going with the five-line, four defense-pairings approach just so you can see who I’m picking between and so I have to make less tough choices. Since my explanations for my picks will be atypically long-winded, I’ve decided to do one forward-line (and then defense-pair) per blog, and slowly reveal my overall roster along the way.

I’m going to start with a line that really needs no explanation outside of the left-winger, but I’m sure I’ll find a way to give a long one anyway. Here it is.


James Neal – Sidney Crosby – Steven Stamkos

Crosby is the best player in the NHL, and a great set-up man, and Stamkos is the best goal-scorer in the NHL at least besides Crosby and the two Russians, Ovechkin and Malkin. But the real correction here to the TSN lists comes with James Neal. It’s not that he needs to be on Canada’s top line – I only put him there because he shoots left and he’s played with Crosby before, but he should certainly be a lock on team Canada. He might be the best Canadian goal-scorer in the NHL besides the two players I have on his line here. He has the best shot in the NHL along with those two and Ovechkin, and he’s just a monumental talent. Big, fast, great hands, and one of the best shots I’ve seen. He should be on the team.