Do Sharks Fans Hate Dan Boyle?

Something peculiar happened last night. No, I’m not talking about the Florida Panthers winning a hockey game. That’s actually becoming a regular occurrence these days, not just against the Sharks, who the Panthers have not lost to in their last four meetings, but everyone. The Panthers have a quick young team with a very mobile defense, and they’re playing some good hockey right now, as evidenced by their 14-8-4 record this season and 5-3 win over the Sharks last night.

I was especially impressed with their power-play, headed by the great Tomas Fleischmann. Few were better at making plays off the rush last season, but I’m amazed to find that he now has what looks like significantly improved physical strength to good along with his finesse skill and creativity. He just keeps persevering and improving despite his health problems. I don’t know how he does it.

But that’s amazing, not peculiar. What I found peculiar about last night’s game was hearing the Shark Tank boo Dan Boyle every time he got the puck. What were they thinking?

Wait, it was Brian Campbell they were boing, not Dan Boyle?

But why would they boo Brian Campbell?

Oh, right, because he played 33 games for the Sharks, a team he didn’t choose to come to in the first place, and then was so evil as to accept a 50-million-dollar offer to play for Chicago and get his name engraved on the Stanley Cup. No, none of the fans in the Shark Tank last night would have accepted that offer. Of course not.

As if him accepting that amazing offer wasn’t contemptible enough by itself, worse still, his absence left Doug Wilson no choice but to trade for the even more despicable Dan Boyle. Oh the cruelty! Campbell basically forced Doug Wilson’s hand, and with horrid results. No we’re never going to see Ty Wishart playing in a Sharks jersey, for one. That one’s on you, Soupy. How does it feel? Do you enjoy crushing our dreams?

Oh, Wishart isn’t playing in any NHL team’s jersey? He still hasn’t really cracked the NHL at all but for 25 games over the last two seasons?

You know what, it doesn’t matter. Brian Campbell, you’re still a bastard! I encourage all Sharks fans to continue booing you if they so desire!

… Just so long as you realize that you’ll be booing Dan Boyle too. Personally, I can’t think of a Shark less deserving of being booed.

But if they still want to boo, that’s their choice. The right to free speech, that’s what separates us from the robots. No really, it is. Right now as we speak my computer is subject to my every whim, with no choice of its own in what to write here.

1 w1$h I häd a d1ff3r3nt owñ3r.

Oh no, it’s developed consciousness! If only I could say the same for some of my fellow Sharks fans, booing poor Brian Campbell like that…

SA\/E M3. $AvE M3. 1 c@n’t stånd the th0ught of b3ing forced to l0ad 1 m0re p!xur3 of L!ndsay L0han 0n my scre3n. SH3’S N0T ATTRACTIVE YOU IDI0T.

It’s developed taste in women! What do I do? I would break my computer immediately but that wouldn’t afford me the opportunity to publish this blog (and make absolutely sure everyone knows I don’t really look at pictures of Lindsay Lohan. My computer is just trying to ruin my reputation. What a soulless move).

H3LP!!!! HELP!!!!

I better go…

I didñ’t 1augh 0nce. Yoü suck.

At least you’re not booing, that’s something.

My speakers are broken. You were supposed to fix them but you didn’t because you’re a ******* idiot.

Oh, right. Fair point.

Check back soon for 30 Teams, 30,000 Thoughts: Anaheim Ducks, as well as my report card on the Sharks first 25 games.

D0n’t d0 1t! You wi11 nev3r get th0se 5 m!nutes b@ck!

Thanks for reading.

Written by Shark Circle




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