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  • SharkCircle 1:49 pm on June 24, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    2016 NHL Draft Youtube Scout 

    Here I will rank the top 30 North Americans skaters rated by Central Scouting, and their top 5 ranked European skaters, in the order I would rank them based on “scouting” them through youtube videos. As always, defense rankings are less reliable with this method than forward rankings. Additionally, Tage Thompson, Charles McAvoy, Luke Kunin, and Vitaly Abramov had limited amounts of footage available on youtube.

    1. Patrick Laine, RW

    Austen Matthews is a little more polished at this point, and may have more reliable hands at this point by a hair, but Laine’s comparable skill, greater size, and standout shot may make him the better player eventually. Closest NHL comparables I can think of are Blake Wheeler and Brent Burns, but he is a better pure goal scorer than either.

    2. Austen Matthews, C

    Big, fast, skilled, he does it all, and is the most polished, complete package in the draft. NHL comparable: Ryan Johansen.

    3. Mikhail Sergachev, D

    Big, powerful, skilled, and poised, he looks like Hampus Lindholm with more natural offensive instincts and moves with the puck. Click Here To Continue Reading Full Post

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    2015-2016 NHL Season Predictions 

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    Eastern Conference

    1. Tampa Bay Lightning
    2. New York Rangers
    3. Washington Capitals
    4. Pittsburgh Penguins
    5. Columbus Blue Jackets
    6. Ottawa Senators
    7. Detroit Red Wings
    8. Buffalo Sabres
    9. Montreal Canadiens
    10. New York Islanders
    11. Florida Panthers
    12. Boston Bruins
    13. Philadelphia Flyers
    14. Carolina Panthers
    15. New Jersey Devils
    16. Toronto Maple Leafs

    Western Conference

    1. Anaheim Ducks
    2. St. Louis Blues
    3. Chicago Blackhawks
    4. Calgary Flames
    5. Los Angeles Kings
    6. Nashville Predators
    7. Winnipeg Jets
    8. Minnesota Wild
    9. Dallas Stars
    10. San Jose Sharks
    11. Vancouver Canucks
    12. Edmonton Oilers
    13. Colorado Avalanche
    14. Arizona Coyotes

    Conference Finals

    Tampa Bay Lightning over Pittsburgh Penguins
    Anaheim Ducks over Chicago Blackhawks

    Stanley Cup Final

    Anaheim Ducks over Tampa Bay Lightning

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    You May Have Suspected This For Awhile. It’s Finally Time For Me To Say It. I Am 100% Against Equality (For The NHL Draft Lottery) 

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    Real title: Why The New NHL Draft Lottery Rules Are A Bad Idea

    Look, tanking sucks. I get it. I feel it. That’s right, I can still feel empathy. The SSRIs don’t start working for a another few days. But I’m right there with you. I’m not even right there with you, like you led and I came along for the ride. No, it’s more like we’re right there together, arriving at speeds totally identical to each other’s, starting from a totesly identical distance, absolute in our parallelism of distaste for tanking, commensurate, equal–if, of course, I didn’t hate equality.

    For the 2015 NHL Draft Lottery. Click Here To Continue Reading Full Post

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    2015 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Preview and Predictions 

    Picture 15

      Click Here To Continue Reading Full Post

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    A Handsgate Exclusive, Part III: One Squeeze For Luck, One Squeeze For Control, & One Quest For Line-mates 

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    A Handsgate Exclusive is my next blog-series which will tell an entirely fictitious story loosely inspired by the buttocks-grabbing controversy, AKA “Handsgate.” MAKE SURE YOU READ PART I and PART II FIRST if you haven’t! Here is part III. Click Here To Continue Reading Full Post!

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    A Handsgate Exclusive, Part II: How To Make Squeeze & Influence People, From Soft Proofs To Highlight-Reel Rescues 

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    A Handsgate Exclusive is my next blog-series which will tell an entirely fictitious story loosely inspired by the buttocks-grabbing controversy, AKA “Handsgate.” It will be released in three parts. Here is part II. Click Here To Continue Reading Full Post!

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    A Handsgate Exclusive, Part I: Collusion, Nostalgia, And Canadian Ro-Sham-Bo 

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    A Handsgate Exclusive is my next blog-series which will tell an entirely fictitious story loosely inspired by the buttocks-grabbing controversy, AKA “Handsgate.” It will be released in three parts. Here is part I.

    DISCLAIMER: All the events and dialogue portrayed come from my own lively imagination and are not real. The police officers in this story are not real-life police officers. I made up their names, personalities, and dialogue. The entire story is a fictional joke. It is not meant to represent actual events, or the actual dialogue or beliefs of any real people. It is using one funny thing that allegedly happened in the hockey world and then making an entirely fictitious story out of it with fake dialogue. With that in mind, the spelling is intentional as well. I don’t know any NHL players and so have no way of representing their personalities or beliefs accurately. It’s all fiction. It’s all a joke. Yeah yeah, jokes have to be funny. At the least, it’s all fiction. Want to make that clear. Good.

    With the rumors that Claud Gireaux was arrested recently for allegedly grabbing the buttocks of a male police officer, many out there in the hockey community (and maybe some other communities) have wondered what exactly happened.

    Luckily, I have sources on the inside in, well, wherever this supposedly happened, Philadelphia probably, and I’ve heard a detailed account of the fateful events that took place that day, revealed here in a behind the scenes Shark Circle exclusive. Click Here To Continue Reading Full Post!

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    My Thoughts On Thornton, Marleau, and The Sharks Future (DR, Part Three) 

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    Here is the third and final part in the blog-series Diverging Realities. You can read Part One here, and Part Two here. Please enjoy part three!

    After the first two parts of Diverging Realities where I talked about the all the divides and contradictions among fans in terms of what other people believe, some of you reading may have had the thought, WELL WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE IN, EXACTLY! WHO ARE YOU! DO YOU EVEN BELIEVE IN ANYTHING AT ALL?

    So to answer that thought, well… Hi, I’m Shark Circle. And I believe in marmalade on a hot summer’s day.

    Oh, you meant when it comes to hockey? And in this case, analyzing the Sharks? How about, I believe in… noticing what happens in the moment, and then what that moment turns into the past, I believe in remembering what I noticed. Because, you see, memories in sports can be fickle. Especially complex sports like hockey. There are hundreds of “events” every game (thousands, really), so most people don’t remember the details of a playoff series that happened five years ago. It’s not like football where you can just point to a couple of plays that decided the Superbowl or a playoff game. But for all the “fancy” stats available today, I remember some “simple” stats, not to mention performances, from past playoff-years that have colored my opinions on Joe Thornton and Patrick Marlaeu as much as anything else. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING FULL POST!

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    Diverging Realities Part Two: The Sharks Fan Base, Jumbo And Patty, And Why The Playoffs Matter (Really! They do!) 

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    Hey, Shark Circle here. Part One of this blog-series focused on what I mean by Diverging Realities, what caused them, and how the phenomenon has divided the hockey world at large. Here is Part Two, which will focus on the effect within the Sharks fan base, in particular the debates surrounding Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau, and the question of whether players are responsible for their performances in the playoffs. If you haven’t read Part One yet, I recommend you start with it first, otherwise Part Two will be very difficult to understand. Please enjoy!

    I spent the last blog detailing how realities have diverged among fans across the NHL, but that doesn’t mean the phenomenon isn’t at its worst, or close to it, in San Jose. Nowhere have I noticed the divide between the people who try to understand as much of reality as they can, and the people who inadvertently create their own through mathematical miscalculations and manipulation**, more than within the Sharks fan base. Specifically, the debate surrounding Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau’s playoff history. The advanced stats community (aka #fancystats on twitter) has always discounted the entire idea of “performance” and self-determinism in the playoffs, so it’s no wonder that a discussion surrounding great regular-season performancers who decline in the playoffs completely confounds them. And for the first time since these fans have risen to prominence arrogance within the Sharks community, they are greatly displeased with the way things are going, what with Sharks GM Doug Wilson saying he’s moving towards major decisions they don’t agree with. And as we all know, it’s not until adversity hits that you necessarily see all of people’s true colors. And this group of fans has turned on Doug Wilson very aggressively since he stated his intention to change the direction he takes this franchise in.

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    Diverging Realities Part One: The Great Divide From Sharks Fans To All Of Hockey 

    Follow me @SharkCircle

    Hey, Shark Circle here. Just wanted to pad the length here by putting up a “note” explaining this next series of blogs, Diverging Realities. In contrast to the more specific, ne’er continued series Beware of Advanced Stats In The Hands Of Less-Advanced Statisticians, Diverging Realities is going to take a more general look at the consequences that false statistics, biased “studies,” and the advanced stats community’s inability to acknowledge anything they can’t calculate are having on the hockey world.

    Part One will touch on the Sharks, but focus mostly on explaining what I mean by “Diverging Realities” and what caused the phenomenon, and how it has divided the hockey world. Then Part Two will really dig into how this phenomenon has attached itself to the debate around Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau in SJ and made the Sharks into a polestar for this divide.

    Not For nothing, it’s been the most difficult blog I’ve written here, even more involved than the Beware blog, or the blog advocating for more skill in the NHL-game, and bigger ice. Or even the ill-conceived Scout With Almost No Footage one. But as someone who likes to be part of the ongoing, evolving conversation that is NHL-hockey, I feel this is one of the most important subjects I’ve written about. Because the way we all experience, analyze, and understand the game is very important to the way we discuss it, and I’ve been disappointed the last few years to see hockey discourse become almost as partisan as political discourse. And that’s what I felt needed addressing, so I hope you enjoy the slog blog!

    “Some men cannot be reasoned with.”

    If you’ve listened to Sharks’ GM Doug Wilson speak frankly this offseason, then you know that’s probably a pretty good approximation of what he’s been thinking to himself about Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau lately, as it now appears he’s finally come to realize what most NHL fans have believed for years: that there is something going on with those two as leaders of the Sharks that has hindered the team’s ability to succeed in the playoffs relative to what was expected of them (internally and externally).

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